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Embrace – home of the full length wedding video

March 4, 2018

Embrace – home of the full length wedding video


Did you know that the average length of a completed wedding video is now just 20 minutes?


This is despite the videographer being with you for 7 to 12 hours on the day.


Now nobody expects (or wants) to watch a 9 hour video but there are so many different videographers offering different packages, its important to know what you paying for in advance.


Short Highlight packages


Some companies only offer very short films 5 to 8 minutes – and that's all you get!


Often, you wont even receive the full ceremony and speeches. Or if you do, you'll pay extra for it.


20 Minute highlights


Most companies now only offer 20 minute films though these are often referred to as a feature film.


How many feature films have you watch at the cinema that are over before the popcorn is half empty?


What do Embrace offer?


Here at embrace wedding videography – a full length feature is just that.


A film that lasts between 60 and 90 minutes and includes the ceremony and speeches in full (unless you ask us to cut anything out).


What will your finished film contain?


Plenty of footage of the arrivals leading up to the ceremony

The Ceremony in full

The signing of the register

Lots of footage of guest mingling and the photo shoot

The full speeches


and lots more


Before you book your videographer, find out exactly what you'll be getting.


embrace wedding films

Videographer of the year – Welsh Wedding Awards 2018




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